Frequently Asked Questions

When is PaBREWcah this year?

Saturday, June 6, 2020


What time can we get in?

VIPs get in starting at 5PM (along with their DDs). General Admission starts at 6PM. The event ends at 10PM.


Where should I park?

We highly recommend turning onto 6th street from Park Avenue or MLK Jr. Drive, then turning right onto Campbell Street to enter the large side of the Expo Center parking lot.


Can I bring a designated driver?

Yes! As long as they purchase a DD ticket ($5) at the festival (not available online).


Are DDs allowed in the VIP Lounge?

Unfortunately not. We can only allow those wearing a VIP wristband entry to the VIP Lounge.


Can I bring my kids?

In short, we don’t recommend it. That said, an adult MUST accompany anyone under 21.


Can I bring my dog?

Again, not recommended. We won’t stop you from having your dog in the outside portion of the festival, but do so at your own risk. The blacktop gets hot, the crowd is large, and there’s always the possibility of your dog coming across harmful debris on the ground.


I bought a ticket, but now I’m unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

No. All ticket sales are final.


Is the festival accessible?

Yes, the festival grounds and VIP Lounge are accessible, however, keep in mind that handicap parking will be limited.


What if it rains/storms? Will the event be cancelled or rescheduled?

This is highly unlikely. We will not cancel the event for rain. Only a major storm with the potential to endanger guests would cause us to cancel/reschedule.


What should I wear?

It will probably be hot! Dress comfortably, and wear sunscreen if you’re coming early!


Is there food?

Yes! We will have several food vendors on site from which to purchase food.


Where can I get a t-shirt?

For a free one, volunteer with us! Otherwise, you can purchase t-shirts and other swag at the merch tent.


Will there be non-alcoholic beverages available?

Yes! You can purchase bottled water from us at the merch tent, or a variety of other beverages from any one of our food vendors.


I don’t like/my guest doesn’t like beer. Are there other adult beverages available?

Aside from our Wagner Wine & Spirits VIP bourbon tasting, there will only be beer, hard cider, and mead on offer. We try to have a good variety of beer alternatives within these categories though!


Can I wait until the day of the event to buy a ticket?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it! VIP tickets are very likely to sell out, and you’ll save money by purchasing tickets before May 1!


If I volunteer, what’s in it for me?

Quite a bit! Check out our volunteers page.


I’ll want more beer than what’s included in my ticket. What are my options?

You can now purchase full beer tickets at the event for $4 each. One of these will get you a full pour of your favorite beer (non-VIP beers only). If you want to taste more beer, you can purchase an additional 6-punch taster card for $15. Find all of the above at the merch tent.


Where do the proceeds from the festival go?

PaBREWcah is the biggest fundraising event for the Paducah Symphony Orchestra. All proceeds go directly to the PSO.